Is an experienced Dj and a Young producer from Cali (Colombia).

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Motivated by her  passion she traveled to Barcelona to expand her musical knowledge. She started studying electronic music production (SAE Institute Barcelona), sound synthesis, music business, advanced production  (Beatlabs Academy) and is currently studying music in Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona.

She began her career as a DJ in the group Mr Angel n Ms Fight in early 2012 with Eduardo Angel, it was a live duo proposal influenced by the neo psicodelia mixing genres such as electro, nu disco and new wave. At the beginning of 2014 before the break up of the group they release their first and only single ̈I Feel For you ̈

She has had the opportunity to play alongside great characters from the international electronic scene such as Cyberpunkers, Thomas Schumacher, Paride Saraceni, Kaiserdisco, Metha, David Hassert, Shai Tb and on the Colombian scene she shared the stage with Deadwalkman, Sonikgroove Diamante Electrico, Purple Zippers, Discoholycs and Golan Zocher.

Her DJ sessions are a dreamlike journey through consciousness, fantasy and happiness where she tries to take the audience by the hand to live the music as she feels it, creating joyful rhythms with hypnotic, authentic and immersive sounds. Combining organic roots and natural textures with a new way of doing electronics, LVCHA mixes genres such as Experimental Techno, Intelligence Dance Music, Deep Techno, Slow House, World Electronic, Afro House and  Folklore.

At the moment she just released her first EP called ̈ Sub-Realidad ̈  her sounds are experimental and evoke different moments of her life in dreams telling sonic stories through organic, jungle and space sounds.

She has just released her first single alongside Rodolfo Venegas AKA Sonikgroove on the Gozalow label, It is a song that talks about death, the mysterious and unknown feeling of death for us and how a ritual can break our belief schemes. It is a beautiful, joyful and sublime ritual where the people of Palenque (Colombia) shows the capacity and the emotional intelligence when they have to face death from another place.

She is also doing important collaborations with the label Bloom Records, it is an independent and underground label born in the electronic scene of Cali her hometown.

Finally she is creating with her friend Soonikgroove a party in Barcelona called ¨Tundama¨ where they want to rescue the underground scene seeking the folklore from the cultures of the world., creating  an environment where people can dance and  enjoy new musical discoveries connecting with the sound of their roots.